Apartment, Condo, and Multifamily Buildings

There are numerous opportunities for substantial energy savings at condominium and apartment complexes throughout the state. With the amount of high energy usage at AOAOs and Hawaii's energy costs being three times the national average, energy costs add up. Although energy efficiency project have an upfront cost, we have a number of financial incentives available to you, to give you money back for completing clean energy projects.

Top 4 Most Common Projects

For more information on the rebates available for each of these technologies, please click below:
  1. Lighting
  2. Booster Pumps/Variable Frequency Drives
  3. Heat Pump Water Heating
  4. Submetering


Featured Story

Nauru Tower

Completed an energy savings performance contract valued at $4.6 million, which aims to reduce its common area energy use by up to 40 percent




Energy Champions

  • Waikiki Banyan
    Lighting & Custom Lighting Retrofit
    Annual Bill Savings: $45,624
  • Royal Kuhio
    Annual Bill Savings: $45,744
  • Makiki Holiday
    Booster Pump
    Annual Bill Savings: $2,842


Hawaii Energy Rebates: Check out additional rebates that may apply to you.

DIY Energy Audits: Learn about Energy Codes:


The Benefits of Boosting Energy Efficiency in Multifamily Buildings

  • Attractive to potential tenants
  • Lower energy costs
  • Improved safety on property, in outdoor and common areas
  • Improved physical comfort for residents
  • Less maintenance needed
  • Potential to lower CAM (common area maintenance) fees

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