There are many ways to improve the efficiency of government and municipal buildings by using equipment that is meant to last, lower first project cost, equipment operating cost, and improve employee’s comfort. From enhancing building envelope to interior and exterior lighting, wastewater equipment, vehicle electrification, battery storage, heating and cooling, Hawaii Energy offers you cash incentives for switching to energy-efficient technologies.

Let Hawaii Energy help balancing your expenditure budget and lower operating cost!

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Contact our Energy Advisors:
Lily Koo
Honolulu County
(808) 848-8563
Walter Enomoto
Maui County
(808) 298-4269
Graceson Ghen
Hawaii County
(808) 895-6713


In 2022, a new state law was passed that requires state-owned facilities to incorporate energy efficiency measures. If this impacts you, please contact our Energy Advisors as you may be eligible to receive large rebates for these projects.

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Energy Champions

  • Department of Transportation - Airport
    Interior & Exterior Lighting, High Efficient Transformers and Chillers, VFD Controls on Air Handlers
    Rebate: $2,455,370
    Annual Energy Savings: 16,921,334 kWh
    Annual Bill Savings: $3,452,166
  • City & County of Honolulu’s LED Street Light Conversion
    Exterior LED Pole Light
    Rebate: $1,922.002,000
    Annual Energy Savings: 13,464,855 kWh
    Annual Bill Savings: $ 3,820,787.25