The benefits of energy-efficient lighting are straightforward and compelling.

  • Lighting can account for 20-50% of a business’ overall energy costs.
  • Lighting retrofits are one of the quickest and easiest improvements you can make to save energy.
  • In most cases, your investment will pay for itself in less than 2 years.

Hawaii Energy offers cash rebates on a variety of lighting products ideal for all kinds of use, including screw-in LED lamps, interior (office) linear LED tube lamps, LED lamps for CFL replacements, LED refrigerated case lighting, exterior LED lighting, LED exit signs and occupancy sensors. Use them to reduce your up-front payment, increase the efficiency of your facility, and lower your energy bills!


If your lighting looks like any of these photos, you might benefit from an upgrade.

If you recognize the type of lighting in any of these photos or if the lighting in your space is uneven, mismatched, or dim, you may need an upgrade! Not only will you improve visibility and productivity, but you’ll also save energy and money fast.




Standard vs. Customized Rebates: What’s The Difference?


Standard (also called “prescriptive”) rebates are a pre-determined rebate amount per unit. This includes products like LED linear tubes, screw-in bulbs, LED exit signs and more. See the Rebate Summary Sheet below for a full list.

Rebate Application   Standard Worksheet   Rebate Summary Sheet



Customized rebates cover other technologies not found on the standard list. The amounts of custom rebates are determined by actual energy savings during the first year, which is calculated by evaluating your business’ current lighting, new lighting and operating hours. Some of the most common types of customized projects include exterior lighting, high bay and lighting controls.

Rebate Application   Customized Worksheet  


Where to Buy

There are lots of ways to purchase energy-efficient lighting in Hawaii, but to ensure you receive our rebates, we recommend the following:

  • Working with one of our Clean Energy Ally contractors to handle your project start to finish. They are trained on our rebate process and can serve as a great resource.
  • For those looking to purchase directly through a lighting distributor or wholesaler, consider this group of Allies who offer our Instant Rebate on products on the standard list as a discount at time of purchase (no filling out applications or waiting for reimbursements!).
  • For small businesses and restaurants, check out the Energy Advantage program, which offers higher rebates for qualifying spaces, such as those sized <5,000 sq. ft.


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To schedule a free site visit or learn more about lighting rebates available for your business, contact your industry Energy Advisor or call us on Oahu at 839-8880 or toll-free at 1-877-231-8222 on the neighbor islands.