Utility Benchmarking

If you can measure it, you can control it. If you can control it, you can manage it.

Building benchmarking is measuring energy and water use, and using that data to compare performance over time as well as compare to similar buildings. Benchmarking allows owners and occupants to understand their building systems and to make changes which lower operating costs and can improve occupant comfort and health.

Once buildings are benchmarked, Hawaii Energy is poised to assist with resources for further analysis and direct you to our Clean Energy Allies to help with implementing retrofits and upgrades.

How to Comply

  • Create an account in ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager.
  • Enter each disclosable building into your account.
  • Enter your energy use data.
  • Click on appropriate link to report data.
  • Submit your report from within Portfolio Manager.

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Click here to find a CEA to help you out with your benchmarking project.

Whole Building Aggregated Monthly Calendarized Energy (kWh) data is available now through a process of communication through an email request to bbb@hawaiianelectric.com

In Progress Status

  • An automated web-based intake and direct monthly uploads to ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager system is being pursued for the next reporting cycle in 2024.

Once your building has been benchmarked, you may find that there is room to improve energy efficiency (and maybe raise your score!). Simple adjustments to equipment start time, operations parameters, occupant behavior, and controls can reap significant energy and cost savings.

Hawaii Energy Incentives
Commit to making energy improvements and use your benchmarking data to discuss with a Hawaii Energy advisor what incentives are available for energy efficiency projects. Learn more at: hawaiienergy.com/for-business/rebates

  • Why do I need to benchmark?
  • What building are required?
  • What's a Oahu Building ID#?
  • Who is responsible for benchmarking my building?
  • What information am I required to provide?

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  • How can I improve my building energy performance?
  • Are there contractors that can assist me with benchmarking and energy efficiency projects?
  • What rebates are available?

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