Commercial Kitchen

Replacing old equipment such as refrigerators or kitchen equipment in your restaurant or business is an easy way to save you energy and money.


ENERGY STAR® Kitchen Equipment

Using ENERGY STAR® equipment in your restaurant will help you lower your operating costs. Hawaii Energy offers cash incentives for a variety of kitchen appliances. Use the worksheets below to calculate your potential incentive amounts.

Incentive Application



Commercial Ice Machine $100 - 325 $100 - 650 download
Steam Cooker $750 $1,500 download
Electric Griddle $1,250 $2,500 download
Commercial Fryer $250 $500 download
Hot Food Holding Cabinet $125 - 800 $250-1,600 download
Combination Oven $500 - 2,400 $1,000-4,800 download
Convection Oven $275 - 350 $500-700 download
Reach-In Refrigerator (solid door) $250 - 500 $500-1,000 download
Reach-In Refrigerator (glass door) $100 - 300 $200-600 download
Reach-In Freezer (solid door) $100 - 300 $200-600 download
Reach-In Freezer (glass door) $100 - 200 $200-400 download


Please note that each appliance may need to meet specific guidelines to qualify for incentives. For full details, view our Restaurant Incentive Summary sheet.


Refrigerator/Freezer Trade-In

Old refrigerators and freezers can use 3-4 times more electricity than newer, energy-efficient models. Purchase an ENERGY STAR® refrigerator to replace an older model and you can get a $150 incentive.

Incentive Application


Kitchen Demand Ventilation Control

Kitchen ventilation exhaust hoods with demand controls on the ventilation motors use temperature and/or smoke sensing to adjust ventilation rates. This saves energy comparing with the traditional 100% on/off kitchen ventilation system, and you can get a $700 per horsepower incentive.

Incentive Application   Worksheet