Save energy at home. Because your
house is expensive enough already.



Rebates One good thing is when people give you money.

Hawaii Energy rebates do just that, when you buy energy-efficient appliances or equipment for your home. Solar water? ENERGY STAR® fridge? LED lighting? These are efficient. We'll give you rebates.

Programs Partner up with our energy
programs and start saving

For example, we pay cash to collect your old fridge (don't forget to remove the leftover Zippy's chili from last, last Wednesday).


Make your home more comfortable with our selection of energy-efficient products.

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Pay At The Plug

It pays to be energy efficient! Little actions add up to big energy bill savings.

Learn how you can save!

Find A Contractor

We know a guy who knows a
guy. Let us help you find a
Clean Energy Ally to solve your
energy-savings problems.