Energy Smart 4 Homes

FREE Energy Saving Program for Residential Properties

Energy Smart 4 Homes (ES4H) is a simple energy saving opportunity for single family and multifamily residential properties. Our technicians will install FREE LED lightbulbs, high-efficiency showerheads and aerators, and advanced power strips at your home. So sign up today and enjoy up to $160 in bill savings each year. Fill out the information below to schedule your free installation.


Who Can Participate?

Eligible properties in Hawaii, Honolulu or Maui County can participate in Energy Smart 4 Homes. Learn more about what is considered a multifamily property from our FAQ page.



The energy-efficient technologies available to each unit have an estimated value of over $150 and can reduce the electricity costs for each tenant by up to $160 per year. That’s a total value of over $300 per unit!

Installed items may include, but are not limited to:

  • Energy efficient lighting
  • High pressure, high-efficiency showerheads
  • Smart power strips to aid in energy conservation and management
  • High pressure, high-efficiency kitchen and bathroom faucet aerators

For more information about the Energy 4 Smart Homes program, call us at (808) 537-5577 or toll free at (877) 231-8222.


How to Participate

Click here for the ES4H North Kohala sign up page

Click here for the sign up page for all other Hawaii, Honolulu or Maui County residents.



Download the Energy 4 Smart Homes brochure.

Click here to visit the Energy 4 Smart Homes frequently asked questions page.


For program updates in response to COVID-19 please go to our news page. Click here