Energy-saving offers for residents of Waianae

Join the thousands of Hawaii residents saving energy and money by making small changes in their homes with our help.

Now for a limited time, energy-saving offers are open exclusively to Waianae residents within census tracts 97.01, 97.03, or 97.04 as defined by the boundaries of the map provided (Click here). Hawaii Energy is proud to partner with Makaha Learning Center.

For program updates in response to COVID-19 please go to our news page. Click here


Appliance Trade-Up Program

The Wai'anae Appliance Trade-up program sign-up period has ended. (You may continue to sign up for the Energy Smart 4 Home free service below on this page.)

5/18/22 Update: Deliveries have been completed. Thank you for participating. Don't forget to register your new appliance at

Contact Makaha Learning Center 808-913-2399 with any questions.

About the Makaha Learning Center: The Makaha Cultural Learning Center, a native 501(c)3, was started in Makaha Valley almost a decade ago. Today, our primary mission is to create opportunities for Native Hawaiians and the people of the Waianae Coast through leadership, trades-training, and outreach programs.


Energy UNPLUGGED – Waianae Community Workshop

Designed for residents of all ages and backgrounds, bring the ohana to this fun, local style workshop that “flips the switch” on common energy myths. As a community that understands the effects of climate change intimately, learn its connection to energy and why using less energy is important. Find out about no-cost tips to save energy and the many rebates currently available to help with appliance, water heating, and home cooling upgrades.

Contact us to sign up for future workshops.

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Energy Smart 4 Homes

Energy Smart 4 Homes (ES4H) is a FREE service for residents in Waianae that provides trained professionals to install energy-efficient products directly in your home. The energy-efficient products you’ll receive are valued at over $150 and can reduce the electricity costs for each household by up to $160 per year. That’s a total value of over $300!

Mention Makaha Learning Center when you apply. For every home that completes the ES4H service, a referral bonus of $20 will be donated to their educational programs.

The installed free items will include the following:

  1. Energy-efficient LED light bulbs
  2. High pressure, high-efficiency showerheads and faucet aerators
  3. Advanced power strips

Note: All of our team members adhere to all state and county COVID-19 guidelines and follow strict protocols to ensure your health and safety.

Over 3,200 households in Waianae have already taken advantage of this program! For more information, sign up below or contact Justin Bizer at 808-848-8534 or

Energy Smart 4 Homes - Frequently Asked Questions

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Join thousands of Hawaii residents saving energy and money by making small changes in their homes.

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