Solar Water Heating

A simple, but important first step towards big energy savings.

Did you know the largest energy hog for most homes in Hawaii is the electric water heater, especially if you don’t have AC or a swimming pool? A solar water heating system harnesses the sun’s energy to heat water, so your water heater uses less electricity to do the same work. You'll save energy and save money on your electric bill for years to come!

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Start saving up to 40%

For families of four or more, installing a solar water heater can save you up to 40% on your electric bill (around $600) per year. With those savings, imagine what you could buy with that extra money: 15 bikinis, 800 lbs. of rice, 750 malasadas or 200 pairs of slippers!

Use our solar water heating savings calculator to find out what your family and home could save.

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Affordability options

Solar water heating can be affordable with Hawaii Energy. Whether you are purchasing a brand new system or need to replace your current system, here are two options:

  • Get an instant rebate: With Hawaii Energy’s rebate of $1,000 + state and federal tax credits, you can get solar water heating for under $3,000.
  • Hot Water, Cool Rates: We can help you finance a new solar water heating system with a zero to low interest loan through one of our participating lenders. Apply to receive a $1,000 Hawaii Energy rebate (credit) to be used towards your first payment on a new loan.

This measure may qualify for valuable tax credits through the Inflation Reduction Act. Please check with your tax professional on applicability.

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Support local and choose one of our participating contractors for installations and proper maintenance of your solar water heating system.

Our participating contractors are pre-qualified and must abide by strict standards, which include being insured, licensed and in good standing with the Better Business Bureau. We randomly select systems to ensure they pass our inspections.

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Can I Afford Solar Water Heating?

Solar Water Heating can be affordable by taking advantage of Hawaii Energy’s rebates.


Maintaining your system

Already have a solar water heater? Proper maintenance is key and rebates always help!

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Solar Water Heating Resources

All you need to know about solar water heating.

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