Hawaii Energy Selects Energy Auction Participants, Awarding Up To $1.96 Million In Incentives

HONOLULU, November 25, 2014 – Hawaii Energy has selected applicants for incentive funds of up to $1.96 million for the state’s first energy efficiency auction. These applicants plan to help small businesses, restaurants, residents in smart metered neighborhoods and educational institutions save energy.

Hawaii Energy, the ratepayer-funded energy conservation and efficiency program for Hawaii, Honolulu and Maui counties, launched the “Hawaii Energy Efficiency Auction” in August. The auction was an open call for contractors, developers, energy efficiency solution providers, energy service companies (ESCOs), energy vendors and property managers to submit qualified energy efficiency applications to receive funding for residential and commercial projects.

The Hawaii Energy Efficiency Auction was just one of many planned energy efficiency initiatives developed under the Hawaii Public Utilities Commission’s guidance and leadership to help electric ratepayers maximize their energy savings.

A total of four applications were selected by Hawaii Energy (one residential and three commercial). The selected applicants were Honeywell Smart Grid Solutions (Honeywell), Matrix Energy Services (Matrix) and Ibis Networks, Inc.

Collectively, these projects are estimated to save more than 8.14 million kilowatt hours (kWh) during the first year with an estimated energy savings of more than $2.03 million based on an average residential and commercial electric rate of $0.28/kWh.

The selected projects will provide energy savings benefits to qualified electric ratepayers in Hawaii, Honolulu and/or Maui counties and will be completed by May 30, 2015.

Additionally, several of the applications not selected for auction funding are being evaluated for other potential financial incentives offered by Hawaii Energy.

“The response for this first-ever energy auction was tremendous. We received more than 60 applications that identified unique opportunities to install energy efficiency upgrades,” explained Ray Starling, Program Director, Hawaii Energy. “It was incredibly difficult for the program to narrow down the selection. However, in the end the applications that were chosen addressed the greatest immediate needs and opportunities to save energy spanning various industries in Hawaii.”

Honeywell Smart Grid Solutions
One applicant, Honeywell, was selected for one residential and one commercial project. The residential project, the “Green Neighborhood Program,” will initially engage Moanalua and Pearl City residents participating in the electric utility’s smart meter pilot program.

Honeywell will install free energy efficiency measures, distribute educational materials about Hawaii Energy rebates and incentives and provide residents with information about how to use their smart meter web portal to track energy usage.

The Hawaii Energy-funded energy efficiency measures that will be offered include LED and CFL lights, power strips, kitchen faucet aerators, low flow shower heads, refrigerator coil brushes and thermometers, room AC filters and water heater insulation, temperature check and adjustments.

During on-site visits, representatives from Honeywell and Blue Planet Foundation will also evaluate a home’s potential to participate in future demand response programs that may be offered by the electric utility.

Honeywell’s commercial project is targeted towards customers that participated in Hawaii Energy’s Small Business Direct Install Lighting (SBDIL) program within the past three years. Customers with air conditioning units will be offered free smart thermostats and a web or smartphone/tablet application that provides information on thermostat settings and energy usage.

Customers not eligible for smart thermostats may still qualify for other energy efficiency measures including faucet aerators, low flow showerheads and pre-rinse spray valves. Both the Green Neighborhood Program and smart thermostat project are free for ratepayers to participate.

Matrix Energy Services
Matrix will offer turnkey energy efficiency technologies to commercial ratepayers such as the following: hotels/motels, retail stores, personal services locations, fitness centers, restaurants, grocery and convenience stores and the common areas of multi-family facilities. Technologies offered will include the following: screw-in LED lamps, linear LED lamps, LED exit signs, anti-sweat heater controls, evaporative controls, door closers and strip curtains for refrigerators and freezers.

Businesses that participate will also receive an energy audit of their facilities, education about the projects, installation, clean up and disposal and/or recycling of their old equipment and energy savings reports.

Ibis Networks, Inc.
Ibis Networks plans to reduce the energy consumption at three University of Hawaii (UH) System colleges including the University of Hawaii at Manoa, University of Hawaii at Hilo and Windward Community College, which together serve more than 30,000 students annually.

The project is aimed at enabling the three campuses to reduce plug load energy consumption, increase machine and electronic operational efficiency and find innovative ways to reduce peak-hour demand.
In addition to the energy savings, each college will seek ways to integrate the knowledge of plug load usage into college-credit course curriculum and/or research programs.

For more information about Hawaii Energy, call (808) 839-8880 or visit www.HawaiiEnergy.com.

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