Hawaii Energy Doubles Exit Sign Rebate For Businesses

Posted April 01, 2014

Hawaii Energy, the ratepayer-funded energy conservation and efficiency program serving the islands of Hawaii, Lanai, Maui, Molokai and Oahu, is helping businesses show their old exit signs the door with a limited-time $40 incentive (retrofits only).

From now until May 31, businesses can qualify for the incentive when replacing an older incandescent exit sign with a new light-emitting diode (LED) exit sign.

An ENERGY STAR® LED exit sign uses only about 44 kilowatt hours (kWh) annually compared to 350 kWh for an incandescent sign – a savings of 87%*.

For each incandescent exit sign replaced, the electricity savings is approximately $80 - $100 per year.

“We encourage all businesses to update their exit signs to ensure the safety of their tenants and to help lower overhead costs,” explained Keith Block, Business Program Manager, Hawaii Energy. “It’s a simple energy-efficient measure that any business with an existing exit sign can take advantage of.”

Exit signs are an important and a legally-required safety feature in case of an emergency. The signs consume large amounts of energy from operating 24 hours per day throughout the year.

Businesses should consult with their building manager for installation. The process is similar to installing a light switch or electrical receptacle.

To qualify for the incentive, businesses are required to complete an application and submit a paid invoice to show proof of purchase. For more information, visit www.hawaiienergy.com/lighting. Or call 839-8800 on Oahu and toll-free at (877) 231-8222 on the neighbor islands.

*Source: www.energystar.gov/ia/business/small_business/led_exitsigns_techsheet.pdf