Hawaii Energy Provides $83,568 Incentive To One Waterfront Towers

Posted January 03, 2014

Hawaii Energy presented an incentive check for $83,568 to One Waterfront Towers, a 307-unit condominium in Honolulu, for its commitment to become even more energy-efficient.

One Waterfront Towers recently optimized their chilled water air conditioning plant by engaging Hawaiian Building Maintenance to install meters, variable frequency drives, two-way valves, a bypass control valve along with the Armstrong Integrated Plant control system. This new automated control system uses the patented Hartman Loop Technology which monitors and operates the chiller plant in the most energy-efficient manner possible.

The $83,568 is the incentive amount provided by Hawaii Energy to offset the cost of the new system. One Waterfront Towers will save an estimated 624,000 kWh or $170,000 annually based on $0.24/kWh.

To learn more about energy efficiency incentives available for your home or business, visit www.hawaiienergy.com.

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