Limited-Time Increased Cap for Garage Demand Ventilation Controls (CO Sensors)

Posted May 02, 2013

Currently, Hawaii Energy offers an incentive for Garage Demand Ventilation Controls (e.g., Garage Carbon Monoxide (CO) Sensors) of $0.14/kWh (estimated first year energy savings) up to 85% of the total project cost.

To help stalled projects move forward prior to the end of the program year, Hawaii Energy announces that effective immediately the program will increase the 85% cap to 100% of the total project cost for projects completed by June 15, 2013. To support this limited-time increase, Hawaii Energy has reallocated $200,000 to this incentive budget. Note: The availability of all program offerings and incentives are subject to change without notice.

About Garage Demand Ventilation Controls
As you may already know, many parking garages in Hawaii are built underground or enclosed. Mechanical ventilation is an important life safety system required to exhaust hazardous combustion engine byproducts such as carbon monoxide from the enclosed parking area.

In order to provide fresh air in a facility where vehicles are present, a predetermined air change per hour is required. This can become very expensive since many systems operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Installation of CO Sensors can result in the following benefits:

  • Monitoring and maintenance of safe CO levels
  • Minimized electric bills
  • Lower fan usage
  • Reduced maintenance costs

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Thank you for supporting Hawaii’s goal of reducing total electricity usage by 30 percent or 4.3 billion kWh by 2030!