Hawaii's Energy Smart Initiative Already Generating Energy Savings for Forest City Residents

Posted September 04, 2012

HONOLULU, September 4, 2012 — On May 29, 2012, Hawaii residents joined Lieutenant Governor Brian Schatz, Marine Colonel Brian P. Annichiarico, Navy Captain Jeffrey W. James, Forest City Military Communities and Hawaii Energy, the energy efficiency and conservation program for Hawaii, Honolulu and Maui counties, as they launched Hawaii’s Energy Smart Initiative. Through the Energy Smart Initiative, Hawaii Energy and Forest City expect to achieve a 1.3 million kilowatt hour (kWh) energy reduction per year.

The Energy Smart Initiative has already played a significant role in helping Forest City’s Navy and Marine housing to reduce overall electricity use by 674,956 kWh, as compared to the same two-month period last year (June and July). Forest City Military Communities reduced its electricity use, on average, by 58 kWh per occupied housing unit each month in June and July. The 674,956 kWh reduction is equal to approximately $147,125 in savings.

“The Energy Smart Initiative represents one of the first large-scale efforts on Oahu to transform an entire residential community to achieve an energy-efficient lifestyle,” said Hawaii Energy Program Manager Ray Starling. “I applaud each and every Forest City employee and resident for helping to make this initiative a success from the very start. In addition, I encourage all electric utility customers in the three counties – whether a part of this initiative or not – to actively battle high electricity bills by taking advantage of numerous rebates and low-cost conservation ideas that Hawaii Energy offers.”

With Hawaii families paying the highest electricity rates in the nation, Forest City residents are contributing to significant energy and financial savings and are helping the State of Hawaii to achieve its clean energy goals. The Energy Smart Initiative is also in alignment with the Department of Defense and Department of the Navy's energy conservation initiatives to reduce dependence on imported oil and other fossil fuels.

"I encourage every Forest City household to participate in the Energy Smart Initiative,” added Forest City Vice President Will Boudra. “By helping to build energy smart communities, Forest City residents can save money and aid in the energy security of our state and our nation."

Forest City Military Communities, in partnership with the Department of the Navy, manages, maintains and revitalizes neighborhoods on and around military bases in Hawaii, including Pearl Harbor, Marine Corps Base Kaneohe and neighboring installations. With over 36 neighborhoods, and 6,700 homes under management, Forest City is dedicated to the singular vision of enhancing the quality of life for military families through superior homes and welcoming neighborhoods.