Hawaii Energy Launches Clean Energy Ally Program

Program Makes It Quicker, Easier for Businesses & Residents To Find Qualified Energy Efficiency Experts

HONOLULU, March 13, 2015 –Hawaii Energy launched its Clean Energy Ally Program[1] in an effort to bring businesses and residents together with knowledgeable and reliable energy efficiency experts familiar with utilizing cash rebates and incentives.

Hawaii Energy, the ratepayer-funded energy conservation and efficiency program for Hawaii, Lanai,

Maui, Molokai and Oahu has a growing list of more than 80 Allies to help electric utility ratepayers with their energy efficiency projectsas well as complete cash incentive applications.

The Allies are a network of contractors, equipment vendors, architects, engineers, distributors, manufacturers and retailers that provide energy-efficient products and services.  Each one offers various technologies/services that range from air conditioning and lighting, to restaurant equipment and new construction projects.

“The Clean Energy Ally program makes it incredibly easy for customers to go online and find qualified companies for their energy-saving project,” explained Lisa Harmon, Clean Energy Ally Specialist, Hawaii Energy.  “Our Allies are knowledgeable about our technical requirements, program offerings and the application process for cash incentives.  These cash incentives can significantly reduce project costs and payback periods – two important factors in the decision-making process.”

Companies that are a part of the Clean Energy Ally Program are featured in Hawaii Energy’s online directory.  Allies are eligible for training and professional development workshops at reduced rates and Hawaii Energy co-branding opportunities.

To find an Ally, please visit www.hawaiienergy.com/cea-search.  To become an Ally, call Hawaii Energy at 839-8880 or toll-free on the Neighbor Islands at (877) 231-8222.

[1] Hawaii Energy does not and cannot endorse or warrant any contractor, vendor, manufacturer, product, installation and/or maintenance service.