Hawaii Pacific University Honored for Extensive Energy Efficiency Project at Newly-Renovated Aloha Tower Marketplace

PUC Commissioner Lorraine H. Akiba and Hawaii Energy present incentive check for $109,496

HONOLULU, October 20, 2015 — Hawaii Energy, the energy conservation and efficiency program for Hawaii, Honolulu and Maui counties, presented a $109,496 incentive check in celebration of Hawaii Pacific University’s (HPU) completion of an extensive energy efficiency project for its newly-renovated Aloha Tower Marketplace location. The project is expected to save HPU $125,633 in annual energy costs each year going forward. Hawaii Public Utilities Commission (PUC) Commissioner Lorraine H. Akiba joined HPU President Geoffrey Bannister and Hawaii Energy Program Director Ray Starling at the check ceremony held on location.

“We are excited that HPU was able to use efficiency program offerings to help make this project a showcase for energy efficiency,” said Hawaii Energy Program Director Starling. “HPU has shown foresight and business savvy for its commitment to save energy and reduce operating costs, which will ultimately benefit HPU students and Hawaii. We hope that everyone in Hawaii will take note and follow HPU’s lead to a cleaner, more efficient energy future.”

Commissioner Akiba commented, “Congratulations to HPU and its leadership for recognizing the exceptional value of energy efficiency and for making this significant investment in the adoption of efficiency measures for this renovation project. Efficiency is clearly the most cost-effective energy resource on the Hawaii grid today. The more we can embrace energy‐saving technologies and practices, the easier it will be to achieve Hawaii’s clean energy goals. Thank you HPU for your leadership and contributions to this effort. Job well‐done.”

“Hawaii Pacific University is committed to making positive contributions to the environmental, social and economic health of the State,” said HPU President Bannister. “The energy efficiency project that we celebrate today aligns with our sustainable development principles to use resources wisely and efficiently.”

The HPU project included numerous energy efficiency measures such as the installation of CFL exterior lighting, LED interior and exterior lighting, submetering for the second floor student dorms, window film, air conditioning water source packaged units, Variable Frequency Drives (VFD) for the pump and fan motors in the cooling towers, and ENERGY STAR® refrigerators in the student dorms.

HPU invested approximately $3.8 million in its energy efficiency efforts. The measures are estimated to save the university 546,359 kilowatt hours (kWh) annually. This is equal to $125,663 in annual electricity cost savings, based on $0.23 per kWh. Factoring in Hawaii Energy’s incentive, payback is anticipated to be less than a year for the lighting and the cooling tower VFD installations.

HPU continues to collaborate with Hawaii Energy on additional energy efficiency projects, and has expressed the need for future efficiency measure for all HPU facilities.

From left to right: Dingilizwe Ncube (HPU Facilities Project Coordinator); Janet S. Kloenhamer (HPU Vice President for Administration, General Counsel and Board Secretary); Ray Starling (Hawaii Energy Program Director); Geoffrey Bannister (HPU President); Andre Parente (Hawaii Energy Efficiency Advisor); Lara Applegate (HPU Student President Leaders for a Sustainable Future Club); and Lorraine H. Akiba (PUC Commissioner).

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