Hawaii Energy Provides Over $41k Incentive to Meadow Gold Dairies for Energy-Efficient VFD Compressor Installation

Hawaii Energy, the ratepayer-funded energy conservation and efficiency program for Hawaii, Honolulu and Maui counties, presented Meadow Gold Dairies with a $41,493 incentive check to offset the cost of installation of a new 150-HP Variable Frequency Drive air compressor.  The use of compressed air is critical at Meadow Gold’s production facility in the manufacturing of milk, juice and cultured products.

Total project cost was $126,290. With Hawaii Energy’s incentive of $41,493, the net cost to Meadow Gold Dairies was $84,797.  The new VFD air compressor is estimated to save the manufacturing facility $42,603 annually in energy costs, which will pay for the entire project in less than 2 years. Based on $0.22/kilowatt hour (kWh).  Annual energy savings is an estimated 193,652 kWh.


Michael Reyes, Engineering/Maintenance Manager (Meadow Gold Dairies);

Ross Yamamoto, Lead Mechanic, (Meadow Gold Dairies); Louis Seles (Mr. Sandman Inc.);

Bob Freeman, CEO (Mr. Sandman Inc.), Jimmy Pastor, Energy Advisor (Hawaii Energy)


About Meadow Gold Dairies

Since 1897 Meadow Gold Dairies Hawai'i has maintained a 118-year tradition of giving back to the communities in which it serves.  Each week Meadow Gold participates in and supports charity events and community activities statewide, donating their time, products, and resources to worthy causes that are important in each community.  After more than a century of being a part of Hawai‘i’s families and communities, Meadow Gold continues to support efforts that enable positive impacts on children, youth, health, nutrition, and education.


Meadow Gold operates manufacturing facilities on Oahu and the Big Island. These facilities process milk and manufacture products such as sour cream, cottage cheese, and buttermilk. As well as island favorites such as POG®, tropical nectars, drinks, and yogurt products. Meadow Gold manufactures or distributes over 500 different products, representing over 30 different brands. Our manufacturing facilities allow us the flexibility to maintain and create products that reflect the taste and the demands of our residents. For more information, visit http://www.lanimoo.com.