Hawaii Energy Offers TWO Free Energy-Saving Kits

Hawaii Energy Offers TWO Free Energy-Saving Kits in Celebration of Earth Month


HONOLULU, April 13, 2016 – Celebrate Earth Month by saving energy and money with Hawaii Energy’s
energy-saving kits. For a limited-time and while supplies last, Hawaii Energy offers two energy-saving kits to
electric utility ratepayers of Hawaii, Honolulu and Maui counties. To order a kit, go to www.Hawaiienergy.com/kits.
Allow 4 to 6 weeks for shipping. Choose from one of two kits (limit one of either kit per ratepayer):

  • The “Water and Energy Saver Kit” is available to ratepayers in any of the three counties. Valued at $42, the kit can help reduce energy and water use at home – since saving hot water also saves electricity used for water heating. The kit can help households save up to $127 in electricity costs or 575 kilowatt hours (kWh) per year[1]. It includes two 10-watt A19 LED bulbs (60-watt equivalents, which are used in many common household fixtures), one low-flow showerhead with massage and pause features, two low flow faucet aerators, one toilet tank displacement bag and two leak detection dye tabs.
  • The “Negawatt Kit” is available to plug-in Electric Vehicle (EV) owners to help offset the electricity used to charge EVs at home. The kit is valued at $64 and can save up to $150 in electricity costs or 679 kWh per year. The kit includes two 10-watt A19 LED bulbs (60-watt equivalent), one low flow showerhead with massage and pause features, two low-flow faucet aerators and one advanced power strip with seven outlets (which prevents electronics from drawing power when turned off or not in use). Although EVs vary, it is estimated that 8 kWh of charge is required for every 25 miles driven. This kit can help offset approximately 2,122 miles worth of charge.

“With proper use these kits can help residents save energy and money in their homes instantly.” said Caroline Carl, Deputy Program Manager of Operations. “Even with recent lower electricity costs, the savings can be substantial and help our State move towards a clean energy future.”

About Hawaii Energy

Hawaii Energy is the ratepayer-funded energy conservation and efficiency program administered by Leidos Engineering, LLC under contract with the Hawaii Public Utilities Commission, serving the islands of Hawaii, Lanai, Maui, Molokai and Oahu.  The program is independent of the electric utilities. Hawaii Energy offers cash rebates and other incentives to residents and businesses to help offset the cost of installing energy-efficient equipment.

In addition to rebates, the program offers education and training for residents, businesses and trade allies to encourage the adoption of energy conservation behaviors and efficiency measures. For more information, visit www.HawaiiEnergy.com.

[1] Estimated savings are based on 22 cents per kWh.