November 17, 2017

Hawai‘i Energy Works to Boost Maui Condominium Owners’ Energy Savings

WAILUKU, MAUI — Energy efficiency took center stage at the annual Community Council of Maui Trade Show and Seminar at the King Kamehameha Golf Course Clubhouse. Hawai‘i Energy led the charge by passionately presenting information throughout the morning aimed at sharing with condominium and home owners effective ways to lower their utility bills by making smart energy choices.

Hawai‘i Energy advisor and Maui native Walter Enomoto shares the latest information on energy efficiency before a packed audience at the Community Council of Maui Trade Show and Seminar at the King Kamehameha Golf Course Clubhouse.
Close to 300 people attended today’s Community Council of Maui Trade Show and Seminar at the King Kamehameha Golf Course Clubhouse.
Multifamily Utility Company sales manager Tyler Law answers attendees’ questions at the Community Council of Maui Trade Show and Seminar at the King Kamehameha Golf Course Clubhouse.

“Maui County sees some the highest energy bills in the state. Our role at Hawai‘i Energy is to help advise condominium and home owners on where they can save energy and lower those costs — whether it’s by installing energy-efficient LED bulbs or purchasing ENERGY STAR®-certified appliances. We hope to clearly illustrate practical, cost-effective ways to save energy,” said Hawai‘i Energy Advisor Walter Enomoto. “Maui will forever be my home. It means a great deal to me personally to share this important information with my neighbors and friends, strengthen our families financially and preserve Maui for future generations.”

In addition to helping educate Maui residents on how to become more energy-efficient, Hawai‘i Energy also met with condominium managers and other various types of property managers to determine what can be accomplished on a large scale, such as upgrades to central plant air conditioning units or installing energy-saving LED light bulbs in common areas.

“Saving money through the use of energy-saving measures and even creating their own energy source is a topic on many Association of Apartment Owners (AOAO) and Homeowner Association (HOA) board meeting agendas, as members work diligently to control the cost of maintaining the common areas of the properties they represent,” said Marilyn Chapman, Director of the Community Council of Maui. “The timely information board members, and the owners they represent, received today was quite an eye-opener. Attendees will now be able to utilize their knowledge to address concerns surrounding Maui County’s aging buildings. They’re now more aware of the solutions to their energy issues, such as lighting retrofits, HVAC replacement, upgraded water heating, and variable frequency drives. The Board of Directors of the Community Council of Maui is pleased to have hosted today’s presentation by Hawai‘i Energy and the Hawai‘i State Department of Business, Economic Development & Tourism.”

In all, more than 40 vendors participated in this year’s Community Council of Maui Trade Show and Seminar, including property management companies, energy consulting businesses, contractors for windows, painting, roofing, restoration, elevators, plumbing, cable and concrete, as well as law firms, bankers and insurance companies. As the final Community Council of Maui seminar of the year, today’s event drew close to 300 attendees.

About Hawai‘i Energy

Hawai‘i Energy helps educate island families and businesses about the many, lasting benefits of energy efficiency and conservation. Hawai‘i Energy encourages and rewards smart energy choices which will allow our state to reach 100 percent clean energy faster and cheaper. To date, Hawai‘i Energy has collectively saved the people of Hawai‘i more than a billion dollars off their energy bills.

About The Community Council of Maui

Originally formed in 1991 as The Condominium Council of Maui (CCM) and now known as The Community Council of Maui (CCM), CCM is committed to hosting regular meetings to provide the opportunity for association members to exchange information, share experiences, form ideas and reach solutions. CCM offers a forum for educational programs that feature recognized experts in Condominium and Community Association affairs for the benefit of each and individual owners. With CCM’s established relationship with state agencies, our Board of Directors remains up-to-date on newly proposed and enacted laws that affect associations and its owners.

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