Hawai‘i Energy Prepares to Host Inaugural Innovation Symposium

Exciting event to emphasize local market opportunities, include national expert speakers

HONOLULU — The Countdown Is On! In less than a month, Hawai‘i Energy will proudly host its inaugural Innovation Symposium on Thursday, April 26th, at the Sheraton Waikīkī Hotel. The energy-focused conference is an informational and networking event designed to provide island businesses of all sizes with vital tools and innovative solutions to reduce their energy bills.

The Innovation Symposium will serve as a meaningful platform, featuring a number of well-respected speakers at the forefront of their respective fields, both locally and from abroad. Seminar topics include “do-it-yourself” audits, benchmarking procedures, and step-by-step guides on how to utilize data in making smart energy decisions as well as discussing emerging innovative technologies.

Registration is now open! Simply log on to and take advantage of the Early Bird registration through March 30th and save $20. The all-day ticket includes a complete breakfast and lunch. Special pricing is also available for eligible non-profit organizations and students.

The Innovation Symposium kicks off with a meet-and-greet breakfast at 8am and concludes with the closing session at 4pm.

Connect with Hawai‘i Energy for the first-ever Innovation Symposium and attain key knowledge and skills to make your business’ energy goals a reality!

Innovation Symposium – Session Descriptions

Session 1A – Next Level Energy Saving: Going Beyond Initial Steps To Boost Your Bottom Line. Learn how to carefully assess each part of your budget, prioritize your next moves, and delve into the next level of both energy and money savings.

Session 1B – Ready, Set, GO! How To Get Started On Your Energy And Sustainability Projects. Hit the ground running with the fundamentals of energy upgrades! Learn tips and tricks to jumpstart your projects.

Session 2A – Energy Game Changers: Turning Energy Data into Profits. Meaningful data that is readily available to inform you how to best manage your energy – and time – more efficiently.

Session 2B – How and Why to DIY: The Ins and Outs of a DIY Energy Audit. Performing a do-it-yourself energy audit is an opportunity to view your building from a different perspective. Learn exactly where your energy dollars are going, and to compare your building against other similar buildings.

Session 3A – Lighting Expert Guide: Making the right LED lighting and controls decision for your facility. Hear from national lighting expert Steve Mesh on selecting the best, most-effective interior and exterior LED products and controls. You’ll also learn some “tricks of the trade” to guide you in making the best purchase decisions for your business.

Session 3B – Staying Ahead of the Energy Curve: How To Be Strategic In Your Energy Management To Continually Drive Energy Savings. Leading national expert, energy efficiency engineer Greg Bake discusses the critical importance of integrating Continuous Energy Improvement (CEI) into your facility’s plans, while focusing on ground-level operations that could benefit the overall structure of your business.

Session 4A – Honey, I Shrunk the Peak Demand! Understanding Your Peak Demand & How To Do Something About It. Manage your peak demand charges through operational changes, controls, and other technologies.

Session 4B – Firing On All Cylinders: Connecting the dots within your Organization to Spur Innovation. Innovative emerging technologies are reshaping the energy and energy efficiency landscape by increasing access to data, improving building performance and improving the health of your buildings. Visit the cutting edge in this exciting seminar.

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