Hawaiʻi: Energized!: Hanalani Schools receives an A+ for energy efficiency

At Hanalani Schools, students are helping to tackle real-world energy problems.

What started as an Applied Engineering class soon turned into a student-founded company called Royal Engineering and Design, LLC; a program aimed at addressing the challenge of reducing energy costs for the school.

“I think the big picture with the project we are currently working on, that we are trying to change, is to make our school LEED-Certified,” explains Nicolle Feldner, a senior at Hanalani Schools and member of Royal Engineering and Design.

Their first big project involved developing a new energy plan for their Mililani campus, which is projected to save Hanalani Schools $1,000 each month.

Feldner says, “If we are able to be a LEED-certified school, then it will be a lot easier. Not only will it lower the cost of school, but it will also improve student work.”

Hawai‘i Energy has been one of the main partners in boosting Hanalani Schools’ energy savings, providing assistance and guidance for the students with selecting their lights as well as money management when it comes to energy efficiency projects.


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