Energy Efficiency Day!

Did you hear? October 5th, 2018 was officially proclaimed Energy Efficiency Day by Governor David Ige! Although the date is recognized nationally, our state’s recognition stresses its belief that energy efficiency is the key to a brighter future.

But why should you care? Why is it so important for you to jump aboard this train to a clean energy future? Saving energy means saving money, which you can use towards your business or personal interests and enjoy more of what life has to offer. It means minimizing our strain on the Earth so it can be sustainable for years to come. It means an enhanced quality of life, from the use of reliable ENERGY STAR® appliances to those LED bulbs that never seem to need changing.

October is Energy Action Month, and we challenge you to think of and execute one energy- saving measure in your home or workplace.

This month is a reminder that we still have a ways to go to reach our 100% clean energy goal and the time to act is now.


Together, we each have the ability to make an impact – by making smart energy choices at home, work and beyond, and motivating friends and family to do the same.


About Hawaii Energy

Hawai‘i Energy helps island families and businesses make smart energy choices. Hawai‘i Energy encourages and rewards energy decisions that will allow our state to reach 100% clean energy faster and cheaper. To date, we have saved the people of Hawai‘i more than a billion dollars off their energy bills. Let Hawai‘i Energy be your trusted energy advisor to help save you money and protect what makes Hawai‘i so special. For more information, please visit


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