Hawai‘i: Energized!: 2018's Hottest Tech Gifts

Hawai‘i: Energized!: 2018's Hottest Tech Gifts

On this month’s episode of Hawai‘i: Energized, we’re breaking down the season’s hottest tech gifts.

When buying electronic gifts – for yourself and others – one of the first things you probably look at is the price tag, but many forget about the second, hidden price tag: the electricity costs that rack up once you’ve plugged it in.

Even though you may initially be scoring a great deal, is the gift worth it if it ends up costing way more money down the road?

Sure, an Instant Pot sounds awesome, with all of its speed-cooking glory and versatility… but is it gonna cause a major energy drain?

Or how about the Amazon Echo and the Google Home… with all that time it spends plugged in, how much money is it truly costing you?

We look for answers in the episode above!

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