June 12, 2019

Hawaii 2019 Statewide Energy Use Study

The State has announced plans to meet its future energy needs through a combination of greater energy efficiency and the use of renewable energy resources. The Statewide Energy Use Study will provide energy system planners with better information about how customers use energy now and will help plan future programs.

To support these goals, a Statewide Energy Use Study is being conducted under the auspices of the State of Hawaii Public Utilities Commission, and in cooperation with Hawai‘i Energy. The Energy Use Study consists of interviews with representatives of facilities to understand how energy is used in those facilities today. This 2019 study is an update to a similar study that was conducted in 2012-2013.

The Commission has contracted with Applied Energy Group (AEG) to conduct the study. AEG is partnering with Tetra Tech to perform the onsite interviews. While some interviews will be conducted over the phone, most interviews will take place onsite and last between an hour and 90 minutes.

In the coming weeks, you may receive a letter or email from the Commission and AEG requesting your participation in an interview for one or more of your facilities. Your participation in this study is greatly appreciated and will help the State of Hawaii.


For more information, contact the Commission or AEG:

Ashley Norman
Hawaii Public Utilities Commission
Kelly Parmenter
Applied Energy Group


Additional information: (link to content for each item)

  • Field team (see below)
  • FAQs



Field Team

Kelly Parmenter
Applied Energy Group
Kurtis Kolnowski
Applied Energy Group
Brielle Bushong
Applied Energy Group


David Lineweber
Applied Energy Group
Aaron Ungerleider
Tetra Tech
Jason Turban
Tetra Tech