Hawai‘i: Energized!: Hot Energy Tips for Summer! Put cash back in your wallet.

Wouldn’t you like to make a little money without doing much work? Especially as your friends and or coworkers are jetting off for Summer vacation, or splurging on that cool, new *insert item here*, we talked to our experts to figure out what you can do to save energy AND money, aside from the usual “turning off your lights when you leave the room,” which you already do… Right?

Plain and simple, energy saved means money saved, and those savings add up. We did the math: follow these tips and you could save hundreds of dollars. CHA-CHING.

Watch the episode above to spark inspiration with some not-so-traditional ways to cut back on your electric bill this Summer.

Got a unique way that you’re saving energy? We’d like to hear it! Send it to us at hawaiienergy@leidos.com.

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About Hawaii Energy

Hawai‘i Energy helps island families and businesses make smart energy choices. Hawai‘i Energy encourages and rewards energy decisions that will allow our state to reach 100% clean energy faster and cheaper. To date, we have saved the people of Hawai‘i more than a billion dollars off their energy bills. Let Hawai‘i Energy be your trusted energy advisor to help save you money and protect what makes Hawai‘i so special. For more information, please visit hawaiienergy.com/about.

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