News Release: March 10, 2022


Energy-Saving Solutions Available To Help Ease Hawaii Residents’ Rising Electricity Bills And Anxiety

No- to Low-Cost Tips Designed to Better Manage a Household’s Energy Use

Honolulu, Hawaii – In response to a recent announcement by Hawaiian Electric Company (HECO) that electricity ratepayers should expect an increase on upcoming bills of about 10 percent on Oahu and up to 20 percent in the counties of Maui and Hawaii, Hawaii Energy, the state’s Public Benefits Fund administrator that focuses on energy-efficiency education and clean-energy initiatives, is offering pathways for residents to take control of their home energy usage and possibly lower their electricity bill.

“As the situation unfolds, we know our residents and businesses may feel helpless during times of rising energy costs, especially when they impact a basic life necessity like electricity,” said Brian Kealoha, executive director of Hawaii Energy. “Fortunately, there are things we can all do at home that cost little to no money and will help manage and possibly even lower your electricity bill. This includes modifications to behavior and upgrades to efficient equipment, such as lighting, air conditioning or appliances, some which may qualify for a rebate through Hawaii Energy.”

Energy efficiency is the easiest and cheapest way for ratepayers to effectively manage how much electricity they use. Hawaii Energy offers these eight tips that residents can apply today:

  1. Warm up meals with a microwave, which uses up to 2/3 less energy and heat than a conventional oven.
  2. Replace old lightbulbs with LEDs.
  3. Wash only full loads of dishes and set your dishwasher to air dry.
  4. Shorten your showers by just two minutes to save up to 233 kWh and $56/year per person in your household.
  5. Use a timer to shut off your water heater when you donʻt need it, like overnight.
  6. Wash full loads of laundry in cold water.
  7. Donʻt peek in the oven while baking. Every time you open it, the temperature drops 25° F.
  8. Dust off fridge oils or filters, and check the rubber seals on the door to make sure the cold air is not sneaking out.

“As fuel prices rise and drive up the cost of electricity, the public will definitely feel the impact on their pocketbook. At Hawaii Energy, we are actively monitoring the situation and will continue to educate the community on ways to be more energy efficient in hopes of helping them save money on their electric bill,” added Kealoha.

Additional energy-saving tips for other areas of a home are available on Hawaiʻi Energy’s TIPS webpage at A current list of rebates can be found at


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